How to easily send money from South Africa to Ghana

Experience the convenience of sending money home to your loved ones in Ghana using Mama Money’s mobile app or sending cash directly to any MTN Mobile wallet. Now you can send money from South Africa to Ghana for school fees, medication, building supplies or even groceries and food. Sending and receiving money in Ghana has never been easier thanks to Mama Money! 


What is Mama Money?

Mama Money is a mobile app that allows you to make international money transfers online or with cash to over 50 countries around the world. We offer an easy, safe, and affordable way for people in South Africa to send money to their friends and family based all over the world, including Ghana. 


How to send money to Ghana in 4 Simple Steps

If you are new to Mama Money and would like to create an account with us, simply follow these 4 simple steps below:


1.)    Register an account

Download our Mama Money App from the Google Play, Apple App Store, or Huawei App Gallery

2.)    Upload your documents

Upload a clear photo of your Passport, ID, or Asylum / Refugee documents. Take a selfie using the app. We've streamlined our account activation process! Now, if all your documents are in order, your account will be activated instantly.

These details include their name and mobile number.

4.)    Pay for your transfer

Select your preferred payment method and press “confirm & send” 


How long will it take for my money to arrive in Ghana?

Money transfers to mobile wallets in Ghana are sent within minutes.

Transfers to bank accounts usually take around 5 hours but they can take up to 48 hours to reflect, depending on the recipient’s type of bank.

Send money from South Africa to Ghana with our mobile wallet solution

Mama Money can help you to send money from South Africa to Ghana with our mobile wallet solution. Sending money to an MTN mobile wallet is quick and easy, simply follow the steps below:

  1. The sender must create an account with Mama Money by providing basic personal information and linking a payment method. 
  2. Once your account is set up, you can begin sending money to a mobile wallet in Ghana. 
  3. When your account is activated, you can send up to R5000 per order and up to R25,000 per month. You can also upgrade your Mama Money account to send higher limits of R50,000 per order or even R100,000 per month.


What are the wallet limits for MTN Ghana? 

MTN Mobile Money Limited (MML) in Ghana has increased its mobile money wallet and transaction limits for its customers with the approval of the Bank of Ghana. 

The transaction limits for MTN mobile money customers have been increased from a minimum of GH¢1,000 to GH¢2,000, GH¢5,000 to GH¢5,000, and GH¢10,000 to GH¢15,000. Customers with Medium and Enhanced KYC now have limitless monthly transaction limits, while those with Minimum KYC are limited to GH¢6,000. 


What recipient information will I need?

To send money to a mobile wallet in Ghana using Mama Money, the sender will need the recipient's mobile phone number and the country where the mobile wallet is located. Mama Money will then use this information to determine the appropriate mobile wallet provider and send the funds to the recipient's mobile wallet. 


What are the benefits of sending money using Mama Money?

One of the benefits of using Mama Money is that we offer a fast and convenient way to send money home to your loved ones in Ghana. Instead of going to a physical location to send money, you can simply log into your Mama Money account and send a transfer in a couple of minutes.

We offer competitive exchange rates and low transfer fees, which means you can send more money for a lower cost. 

We also offer a high level of security and protection for both the sender and the recipient. Your personal information is kept confidential. 

Additionally, we are fully compliant with all relevant laws and regulations, which means that the sender can trust that their money will be transferred safely and securely.


Other incredible benefits include:

  • The ability to send money to a loved one 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Simplicity – all you need is a smartphone to send money to your loved ones in Ghana
  • Secure transfers – Mama Money guarantees the safety of your money

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The Mama Money Card

The Mama Money Card is a new way to manage your finances with ease and security. This card offers a hassle-free solution to access and use your money, redefining convenience for all our users. Discover all the fantastic features and benefits of the Mama Money Card by visiting our detailed blog post. For any queries or more information, feel free to reach out to us directly on WhatsApp. Your financial management just got a whole lot easier with Mama Money!