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Get answers to your questions about international money transfers. Explore our FAQ page to find valuable information and solutions related to secure and convenient money transfers worldwide. Simplify your transactions with our comprehensive FAQs.

About Mama Money

What is Mama Money?

How does Mama Money work?


How can I register for Mama Money?

What documents do I need to register for Mama Money?

Sending Money

Which countries can customers send money to?

How much can I send with Mama Money and what is the limit?

How do I pay for my Mama Money Orders?

How long does it take for the recipient to receive the funds?

How to select Mama Money as a Public Beneficiary for easy EFT payments

What is the Mama Money USSD code?

What is the Mama Money rate today?

My Account

How do I reset my Mama Money PIN?

How do I update my registered cellphone number?

How can I upgrade my account to send more money?

Contact Mama Money

How do I contact Mama Money?