Nedbank atm banking

How to add a beneficiary

1 Insert your card and enter your PIN
2 Go on beneficiary maintenance
3 Click Add beneficiary
4 Choose cheque account
5 Enter One-Time-Pin received on your phone
6 Enter the account number: 1055534008
7 Beneficiary reference: Enter your Cellphone number
8 Enter your reference: Enter your Cellphone number
9 Click confirm
Congratulations, you have successfully added Mama Money as a beneficiary

How to make payment

1 Insert card and enter PIN
2 Choose payments and it will list accounts linked to the card.
3 Choose account to pay from
4 You will received a One-Time-Pin
5 Enter it
6 Choose Mama Money from your list of beneficiaries
7 Enter amount to be pay
8 Beneficiary reference: Enter your cellphone number
9 Enter your reference: Enter your cellphone number
10 Click Confirm
Congratulations, you have successfully made a Mama Money payment…


Beware of Scams!

Never give anyone your banking login details! These details are confidential and must remain private! Scam criminals make use of two main techniques: greed and fear.



If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Criminals will promise you money or financial gain if you provide your personal and bank account details and the money or prize is yours. This one catches anyone that allows greed to override common sense.


Ever received an email from a bank or vendor advising you that if you do not respond immediately, your account will be suspended unless you update your personal and financial information immediately, either within the email or by clicking on a link that takes you to another website? The mail may look legitimate, but no bank or financial service provider can request this information via email, especially passwords or pin numbers. Never click on those links.

Mama Money and the banks will never ask you for your login details!


Contact Mama Money on 021 202 5420 or