How to add a recipient’s phone number from your contacts

This simple feature allows you to add a recipient's phone number directly from your phone's contact list. Here, we'll show you what to do. It's important that you make sure your recipient's details are correct to avoid sending money to the wrong person. Also, make sure you've got the latest version of the Mama Money app to have access to all the new features! 


Step 1

Open the Mama Money App and Select "Add Recipient". 



Step 2

Enter your recipient's first and last name, choose the country you want to send money to, and then select the “+” icon to access your contact list.
Select “OK” when prompted to allow Mama Money to access your contacts to easily add your recipient's phone number. 


Step 3

You will see all your contacts in your phone book who match the country code where you are sending money to. For example, if you selected to send money to Zimbabwe, all your contacts with Zimbabwe's country code (+263) will appear.  Then choose the recipient who you want to send money to. 



Step 4

Your recipient details will now include the contact number of the person you have chosen. 



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