How to Avoid Scams and Fraud - Mama Money

Online scams and fraud cost millions of people their hard-earned money every day. The South African Bank Risk Information Centre (SABRIC) reported that over R1.5 billion was lost to banking and card fraud in 2020.

At Mama Money, we have put in place security measures to ensure that your money is safe and secured. We want to help ensure that all our customers and agents know the latest ways and changes to keep their money safe from online scams. 


Here are some handy tips to help Mama Money customers avoid scams

  1. Whenever you pay for Mama Money orders, make sure the order was created on your account. Click here for information on how to register and create orders.
  2. Always ensure you have the latest Mama Money App installed on your phone to enjoy the latest security features.
  3. Your Mama Money PIN is confidential, never write it down or share it with anyone. Avoid using your date of birth or numbers that can be easily guessed, such as 1234. Rather choose 4 numbers that only you will know, as this will help to keep your account safe.
  4. After every transaction, keep your proof of payment until the transaction is delivered to your recipient. This will assist in resolving any potential issues with your transaction.
  5. Always keep your contact information updated. We need this information for security purposes and to get hold of you if needed. When your number changes or is lost or stolen, please contact us to help add your new number to your account.
  6. Keep your identity documents safe, and do not sign up for any financial services you will not use.
  7. Please note that Mama Money will never call you to verify your personal information or ask for your Card or Mama Money App PIN. If this happens, please notify us immediately.
  8. Be careful how much personal information you share on social media. Scammers can use your information to target you. Never send money to anyone that you are communicating with over the internet.


Tips to help Mama Money Agents avoid scams and fraud

  1. Always make sure that your contact number is available for SMS notification purposes. If your contact number changes or is lost or stolen, you must update it as soon as possible.
  2. Always make sure that customers give consent during the registration process, in line with the POPI Act. This is to protect both yourself and Mama Money.
  3. Please report suspicious registrations or transactions as soon as possible to the Fraud team. Continue with the activity and do not tip off the customer.
  4. Do not use a customer's PIN to access their Mama Money account to transact without their consent, as you will be held liable should an issue arise regarding the transaction.
  5. Please be on the lookout for fraudulent documents during the registration process. Failure to do so might result in you being penalised, as it exposes the business to the risk of fraud
  6. Immediately report to should your banking details on your Agent APP be altered without your consent.
  7. Please note that criminal syndicates might target you to register fictitious customers. Please be vigilant and report to immediately.


What to do if your Mama Money card is lost or stolen:

If your card is swallowed by the ATM or stolen, please STOP your card by following the options below:

  1. Log onto the Mama Money Family App
  2. Dial the following USSD string: *134*542#
  3. Contact our Contact Centre on 021 202 5420


Need help sending money? Mama is here.

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