How to protect yourself from pet scams (Exotic Birds)

Modus operandi


  • The syndicate uses social media such as Facebook, Youtube, TikTok and Twitter to entice individuals to buy these pets
  • The business linked is:  “Parrots Boutique” with an official website: 
  • These payments are made via EFT into the Mama Money account 
  • Thereafter, these payments are remitted to Cameroon and the predominant receiving method is Mobile Wallet where the funds are used immediately
  • The sender accounts are onboarded in the following ways:

1) The syndicate targets SA citizens in vulnerable communities and requests their FICA documents and pays them a fee. These documents would then be used to register an account with Mama Money

2) The syndicate would request the victim’s FICA documents in order to generate an invoice and these documents are used to register an account with Mama Money

  • The syndicate would then use these accounts to create orders for money remittance and send the payment details to the victims
  • The victim needs to provide proof of payment to the syndicate, in the event that there is an issue with the payment the syndicate would call our Client Experience Team and have any issues linked to the payment resolved




  • The sender accounts are usually onboarded via our Online platform (APP)
  • Multiple senders remitting to the same recipient using the same device without a clear relationship or purpose. Majority of the senders are SA citizens
  • Amounts range between R 3,000.00 and R 9,000.00 and payments are made in high velocity 
  • The use of multiple social media platforms to promote legitimacy


What you can do to prevent being scammed?


  • Research the company and any reviews
  • Try calling the phone number provided. If it is disconnected, this is obviously a red flag. If there is no answer, try again. If you cannot reach the person, then cease dealing with them
  • Know the procedures involved in the import of exotic birds. All countries have requirements and all animals entering any country must be custom cleared
  • Tell the person you are dealing with that you are going to pick up the parrot (even if you are not) and see how they react. If they give excuses as to why you cannot do that, be very cautious in proceeding
  • Do not send money to someone you do not know or have not met in person