How to protect yourself from UK lottery scams

Modus Operandi


  • The syndicate uses social media such as Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter to entice individuals to participate in a UK Lottery. Similar to the South African Lottery the individuals pay for these lucky numbers 
  • These payments are made either via cash (via a retailer) or EFT using one of the following references: "Booming, UK49 Numbers, Lucky Numbers, Lotto, Bet, UK Lunch, UK Teatime, Bonus Numbers".
  • Thereafter, these payments are remitted to Nigeria or Ghana and the predominant receiving method is Mobile Wallet where the funds are used immediately.
  • The sender accounts are onboarded in the following ways:

1) The syndicate targets SA citizens in vulnerable communities and requests their FICA documents and pays them a fee. These documents would then be used to register an account via Mama Money

2) The syndicate would advise the victim that their FICA documents are required to register to play the lottery

  • The syndicate would then use these accounts to create orders for money remittance and send the payment details to the victims. 
  • The victim needs to provide proof of payment to the syndicate, in the event that there is an issue with the payment/order the syndicate would call in and have the issue resolved speedily.




  • The sender accounts are usually onboarded via our Online platform (APP)
  • Receiving countries either Nigeria or Ghana
  • Multiple senders remitting to the same recipient using the same device without a clear relationship or purpose. Majority of the senders are SA citizens
  • Amounts range between R 200 and R 500 and payments are made in high velocity 
  • The use of multiple social media platforms to promote legitimacy


Is your business being targeted This is what you can do?


  • Fraud awareness is essential
  • File STR/SAR with the FIC
  • Please note that no one can predict the Lottery. Never send money for Lottery prizes and please note that claiming Lottery prize money will not cost you any money
  • Be careful how much personal information you share on social media. Scammers can use your information to target you. Never send money to anyone that you are communicating via social media