How to upgrade your Mama Money Account & send up to R50,000 per transaction

Mama Money makes it easy to send money internationally to anyone in Africa, Asia, and Europe. With the standard account type, you can send up to R20,000 per month, but with the upgraded account, you can send R50,000 per transaction. All Mama Money customers can upgrade their accounts, and it is easy to do - here's everything you need to know to do it.

Open the Mama Money App and log in to your account. Then select “More Money Home” to start the simple upgrade process to send higher limits of up to R50,000 per transaction.


Here is what you will need to upgrade.

Depending on the document you registered with, you may need to submit one or more of the following:

  1. Proof of Permit.
  2. Proof of Residence — Bank Statements, Lease agreements, Utility bills, TV License, Traffic registration, and a Tax invoice in the document holder’s name.
  3. Proof of Income — Payslip, Bank Statement.


Limits and Requirements for South African Identity Documents

  1. Only proof of residence is required to upgrade your account.
  2. You can send up to R100,000 per month with a R50,000 daily limit.


Requirements for Foreign Passport Holders

  1. Proof of Permit.
  2. Proof of Residence
  3. Proof of Income


Requirements for Asylum/Refugee Holders

  1. Proof of Residence
  2. Proof of Income

Passport holders or Refugees providing their Payslip or Bank Statement as proof of income will have their monthly limits raised from R25,000 to R50,000 based on their income and their daily limit will be removed.

We only accept cash payments of up to R20,000 a day. For payments exceeding this amount, please use EFT payment method.


Limits and Requirements Foreign Identify Document

Currently, accounts registered with foreign identification documents are not eligible for higher limits.


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