Mama Money Send at PEP to Win Cash Campaign - Terms and Conditions

Competition Terms and Conditions


  1. The promoter of the competition is Mama Money Financial Services (Pty) Ltd and PEP, a division of Pepkor Trading (Pty) Ltd ("the Promoters").
  2. The name of the competition is “MAMA MONEY SEND AT PEP TO WIN CASH CAMPAIGN" ("the Competition").
  3. The Competition will run from 30 June 2023 to 31 July 2023 (both days included) in all PEP stores ("the Competition Period").
  4. By entering the Competition, all Participants and Winners agree to be bound by these terms and conditions which will be interpreted by the Promoters, whose decision regarding any dispute will be final and binding and no correspondence will be entered into regarding the decision. 
  5. The competition is open to all participants eighteen (18) years or older at the time of entering the competition within the Republic of South Africa and must be registered as an account holder with Mama Money and must have transacted during the Competition Period.
  6. You must have valid identity documents i.e. ID, passport, Refugee or Asylum papers to participate. You are not eligible to participate in this competition if: 
    1. You are a director, member, partner, employee, agent or consultant of PEP its affiliates/divisions/subsidiaries or any other person who supplies goods or services in connection with the Competition;
    2. You are a spouse, life partner, parent, child or sibling, immediate family member, business partner or associate of the persons specified in 6.1 above.
    3. You are a Mama Money employee or a close relative of a Mama Money employee or a Mama Money agent. 
  7. To enter the Competition, a Participant must:
    1. Be a registered and active transacting customer (read: has transacted in the last three months on the Mama Money Family App.
    2. Must have sent a minimum of R1,000 (One Thousand South African Rands) cross-border with Mama Money at a PEP store. 
    3. Participants may enter as many times as they wish provided that each entry meets the criteria specified above.
  8. Participants stand a chance to win a share of R150 000 (One hundred and Fifty Thousand South African Rands) in the form of pre-loaded Mastercard Debit Cards ("the Prize").
  9. Winners will be selected within four (4) weeks of the competition closing date (this date is subject to change without notice). 
  10. Winners give PEP & Mama Money consent to use their names for publicity purposes unless refused.
  11. Entrants to whom prizes will be awarded will be selected through automated software by Mama Money. 
  12. Winners will be contacted via email, SMS,l or telephonically within four (4) weeks of the competition closing date (this date is subject to change without notice).  Mama Money and PEP reserves the right to disqualify a winner if he/she does not respond to the email, SMS, or telephone call within one (1) week of winner selection and may randomly select a replacement winner from the competition entries. In such circumstances, the replacement winner shall be contacted via email, SMS, or telephonically by Mama Money. If the replacement winner fails to respond, then the provisions of this clause shall apply to that new winner in the same way.
  13. Winners will collect the prize from a PEP store of their choosing and consent to being contacted to confirm their personal details and from which PEP Store to collect the prize. 
  14. The promoters reserve the right to vary, suspend, postpone, alter, or terminate the competition and any prizes, or any aspect thereof, for any reasons whatsoever and without notice. In such event, you hereby waive any rights or expectations which you may have against PEP & Mama Money and acknowledge that you will not have any recourse or claim of any nature against them.
  15. Your privacy is very important to the promoters and the Pepkor group of companies ( and it will use all reasonable efforts in order to ensure that any information, including personal information, provided by you, or which is collected from you, is stored in a secure manner. For more information, please refer to the detailed version of our Privacy Statement.
  16. You agree to provide Mama Money & Pepkor with accurate and current information and to maintain and update such information when necessary. The information collected by us may be used to send you information about products, services, and special offers of the various companies in the Pepkor group that may be of interest or value to you. The information may also be processed by PEP and other companies in the Pepkor group, any of their operators, agents and sub-contractors (who may be outside South Africa) on the condition that they will keep such information confidential.
  17. You acknowledge that any information supplied to PEP and the Pepkor group of companies in terms of these Terms and Conditions is provided voluntarily.
  18. By submitting any information to Mama Money, PEP and the Pepkor group of companies in any form you further acknowledge that such conduct constitutes unconditional, specific and voluntary consent to the processing of such information by PEP and the Pepkor group of companies under any applicable law in the manner contemplated above, which consent shall, in the absence of any written objection received from you, be indefinite and/or for the period otherwise required in terms of any applicable law.
  19. Unless you have consented, Mama Money, PEP and the Pepkor group of companies will not sell, exchange, transfer, rent or otherwise make available any personal information about you (such as name, address, email address, telephone or fax number) to other parties and you indemnify the promoters from any unintentional disclosures of such information to unauthorized persons.
  20. Should you believe that Mama Money, PEP and the Pepkor group of companies has utilised your personal information contrary to applicable law, you shall first resolve any concerns with PEP and the Pepkor group of companies. If you are not satisfied with such a process, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the Information Regulator.
  21. You can choose to be excluded from direct marketing by notifying PEP in writing or by registering a block on any registry which PEP is bound by law to recognise. PEP will not charge you a fee to update this request on its systems. PEP will give effect to any changes requested by you as soon as reasonably possible.
  22. By using the promotional offer in accordance with its terms, you are using a promotional offer for the purposes of the CPA and the promotional offer will be conducted in accordance with the relevant provisions of the CPA. Should you qualify for the promotional offer, you undertake to expeditiously do all things necessary to enable the promoter/sponsor to comply with its obligations under the CPA.
  23. By entering, an entrant acknowledges that personal information about the entrant will be shared with the promoter to the extent necessary to conduct the competition and for prizes to be delivered to the prize winner. Such personal information will be processed in accordance with the provisions of the Protection of Personal Information Act, 4 of 2013. Entrants who have questions regarding any matter relating to their privacy or their personal information, or if they believe there has been a breach of their privacy or their personal information, may either contact the promoters or, file a request for access to personal information in accordance with the entrants’ manuals in terms of section 51 of the Promotion of Access to Information Act, no 2 of 2000 available on the promoters’ respective websites; or, submit a complaint to the information regulator in the prescribed manner and form at 
  24. These Terms and Conditions are also available on the PEP ( and Mama Money websites (