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Elevate your money transfer experience to new heights with Mama Money. Whether for essentials, school fees, healthcare, or simply supporting your loved ones back home in Mozambique, your family and friends can now receive funds directly, swiftly, and securely.

Known for its picturesque landscapes, Mozambique is home to millions of expats residing in South Africa. The link between these two nations has fostered a remittance culture, becoming a critical income source for many Mozambican households. According to data from the World Bank, remittances to Mozambique stood at USD 329 million in 2020, emphasising their significant role in the country's economy.


Challenges of sending money to Mozambique 

Despite this extensive remittance activity, sending money to Mozambique often involves hurdles such as high transaction fees, lengthy processing times, complex procedures, limited payout options, and safety concerns. 

Mama Money is dedicated to resolving these issues by providing a safe, swift, easy-to-use service with a competitive fee structure.

  1. High Fees: Traditional banking systems and remittance services often impose high charges, including a fixed transfer fee plus an additional percentage of the total amount sent. This makes the more you send, the more you end up paying.
  2. Lengthy Processing Times: Traditional money transfer methods could take days to reach the receiver due to the various checks and balances that financial institutions employ, which can be inconvenient in emergencies when funds are required immediately.
  3. Complex Procedures: Traditional banks and money transfer services frequently demand extensive paperwork and identification from both the sender and receiver, rendering the process lengthy and tiring.
  4. Limited Payout Options: Access to traditional banking institutions may be limited in remote parts of Mozambique, forcing recipients to travel considerable distances to collect money.
  5. Security Concerns: International money transfers can pose security issues around interception of sensitive information, potential scams, or the safety risk associated with carrying large amounts of cash.

Mama Money seeks to address these challenges by offering a safe, speedy, user-friendly service with a transparent fee structure. With our unique payout option, even the most remote recipients in Mozambique can receive their money directly.

At Mama Money, we aim to make the process as effortless as possible, enabling you to focus on what truly matters: taking care of your loved ones.


Our payout partner in Mozambique 

In Mozambique, we have partnered with M-Pesa, providing Mobile Wallet payout.

Mobile Wallet Payout - M-Pesa: M-Pesa, a leading mobile money service, has revolutionised how people in Mozambique receive and manage their money. M-Pesa allows users to deposit, withdraw, transfer money, and pay for goods and services quickly with a mobile device. It's especially beneficial for those living in areas where banking services are scarce.


This partnership with M-Pesa provides several advantages for Mama Money customers:

  • Accessibility: M-Pesa has an extensive reach across Mozambique, ensuring that funds are accessible even in remote areas.
  • Speed: Transfers are made in real time, which is crucial in emergencies when immediate access to funds is necessary.
  • Security: M-Pesa mobile wallet transfers are safer than carrying cash, significantly reducing the risk of theft.
  • Flexibility: Recipients can use the money directly from their M-Pesa wallet for various services, such as paying bills, buying goods, or they can choose to withdraw cash.
  • Cost-effective: Mama Money customers can send funds directly to M-Pesa wallets, saving recipients the costs associated with withdrawing money from other money transfer services.


If you're new to Mama Money and wish to create an account with us, follow these four simple steps:

1. Register an account

Download our Mama Money App from the Google Play or Apple App Store,

2. Upload your documents

Upload a clear photo of your Passport, ID, or Asylum / Refugee documents. Take a selfie using the app. Your account will be activated in less than 24 hours.

3. Enter the recipient's details.

These details include their name and mobile number.

4. Pay for your transfer.

Select your preferred payment method and press "confirm & send." 


How long will it take for my money to arrive?

  • Transfers to mobile wallets are sent within minutes.


What customers say about Mama

"Mama Money is the best service ever, It's faster and cheap. I will recommend it to family and friends." - Esmie Manda

"Mama money is best platform to send money home direct to loved one account number without additional exchange rate chargers. With mama you can send money to your loved ones without delay. I use mama money because they send money to recipients account number without converting from dollar to local currency. For that reason I will be keep supporting mama money" - Hugo william

Experience the Mama Money difference today! Download our app and start sending money to Mozambique right away. Mama Money meets your international money transfer needs with care, speed, and efficiency.

The Mama Money Card

The Mama Money Card is a new way to manage your finances with ease and security. This card offers a hassle-free solution to access and use your money, redefining convenience for all our users. Discover all the fantastic features and benefits of the Mama Money Card by visiting our detailed blog post. For any queries or more information, feel free to reach out to us directly on WhatsApp. Your financial management just got a whole lot easier with Mama Money!

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