Sending Money to Zimbabwe is easy with Mama Money's Low-Cost Transfers

If you’d like to send money to Zimbabwe to family members and friends,  consider Mama Money for a safe online money transfer service that’s quick and easy to use. Our mobile app allows you to send a money transfer to Zimbabwe as well as over 50 countries worldwide.


How Mama Money is revolutionising the way Zimbabweans send and receive money

Mama Money understands the many challenges faced by traditional money transfer services in Zimbabwe and we have created innovative solutions as a result. In the month of December we received over 11,000 new Zimbabwean customers.

While our competitors charge an average of 10% in fees, we’re happy to help by reducing costs so that more money arrives home to your loved ones. As a result, we offer the lowest fees with just 5% or less for guaranteed USD transfers from SA to Zim.

We are proud to play a small part in helping to bring the price down and there is still a lot more we want to do to help support the Zimbabwean community in South Africa. 


Why choose Mama Money?

Sending money to Zimbabwe with our mobile transfer app is both simple and easy to use. You can enjoy regular updates and track your money every step of the way.

If you’re looking to send money home to a loved one or to help pay for school fees, housing costs or healthcare, consider signing up to the Mama Money app. 


How to send money to Zimbabwe in 4 Easy Steps

If you are a first-time user and would like to create an account with Mama Money, simply follow the steps below:

1.)    Register an account

Download our Mama Money App from the Google Play, Apple App Store, or Huawei App Gallery

2.)    Upload your documents

Upload a clear photo of your Passport, ID or Asylum / Refugee documents. Take a selfie using the app. Your account will be activated in less than 24 hours.

3.)    Enter recipient’s details

These details include their name and mobile number.

4.)    Pay for your transfer

Select your preferred payment method and press “confirm & send” 


How does my recipient get the cash in Zimbabwe?

Once your Mama Money order has been paid for, you and your recipient will receive an SMS with a reference number.

Your recipient will require identification and will need to present this reference number at the cash collection location to receive their money.


Where can the money be collected?

Mama Money is proud to have over 900 payout locations available in Zimbabwe today. These cash collection points are available across Zim ranging from Beitbridge and Kanyemba to Victoria Falls and many more.

Mama Money has also integrated with select banks including: 


NMB Bank Limited 

Quest Financial Services

NBS Bank

ZB Bank

Western Union

Steward Bank

In addition, we have over 900 easily accessible cash collection points available nationwide. A few include Easylink, Homelink, African Banking Corporation, CBZ Bank Limited, Fidelity Life Assurance, Direct Connect, all OK Zimbabwe stores, Bon Marche stores and OK Mart Stores. 


How does Mama Money's Cashout Token work?

When you send money to Zimbabwe, your recipient will receive a 12-digit Cashout Token number through SMS. Using the Cashout Token number, your recipient can collect the cash from any institution of their choice. 

The following institutions accept Mama Money's Cashout Token:



ZB Bank

NBS Bank


Quest Financial Services

Steward Bank


How much money can I send to Zimbabwe via Mama Money?

Once your account is activated, you can send up to R5000 per order and up to R25,000 per month.

You can also upgrade your account to send higher limits of up to R50,000 per order and R100,000 per month. Simply select the “More Money Home” button in the Mama Money up to upgrade your account.


How long will it take for my money to arrive?

Transfers to mobile wallets and cash collection are sent within minutes.

Transfers to bank accounts, on average, take 5 hours to be received but can take up to 48 hours to reflect, depending on the recipient’s institution.

To find out more about secure ways to send money to Zimbabwe or to one of 50 countries world-wide, follow Mama Money online via FacebookInstagramTwitter, or LinkedIn.