Streamline Your Transactions in Zimbabwe with Mama's Cashout Token

Streamline Your Transactions in Zimbabwe with Mama's Cashout Token

Sending money to Zimbabwe is easy thanks to Mama’s cashout token and an exciting list of direct partners nationwide. 

Experience the convenience of sending money home to Zimbabwe with Mama’s cashout token and unlock incredible savings. Our simple mobile app allows you to send a money transfer to Zimbabwe as well as over 50 countries worldwide.

How does Mama Money's Cashout Token work?

When you send money to Zimbabwe, your recipient will receive a 12-digit Cashout Token number via SMS to their mobile phone. Using the Cashout Token number, your recipient can collect the cash from any bank institution of their choice.

The following institutions currently accept Mama’s Cashout Token:

Banc ABC


ZB Bank

NBS Bank


Quest Financial Services

Steward Bank

With Mama’s cashout token your recipient can collect the funds at any of our direct partners including Access Forex, AFC, ZB Bank, POSB, NBS, Quest Financial Services, NMB and EcoCash.

To collect the money, your recipient will simply need to provide our Mama Money agent with the transfer code.

Where can the money be collected?

Mama Money is proud to have over 500 payout locations available in Zimbabwe today. These cash collection points are available across Zim ranging from Beitbridge and Kanyemba to Victoria Falls and many more.

Mama Money has also integrated with select banks including: 

NMB Bank Limited 

Quest Financial Services

Banc Bank

NBS Bank

ZB Bank

Western Union

Steward Bank


In addition, we have over 250 easily accessible cash collection points available nationwide. A few include Easylink, Homelink, African Banking Corporation, CBZ Bank Limited, Fidelity Life Assurance, Direct Connect, all OK Zimbabwe stores, Bon Marche stores and OK Mart Stores. 

Switch to Mama Money’s direct partners and save

Sending money to Zimbabwe with Mama Money’s mobile transfer app is not only both simple and easy to use but fast and efficient too. Users can also enjoy incredible savings by switching to one of our direct partners.

Avoid time-consuming traditional bank transfers

Traditional bank to bank money transfers are often time-consuming. They can take more than 3-4 days to complete the transfer as the receiving bank may hold your funds. With Mama Money we offer fast transactions where your loved ones can collect the money in as little as 10 minutes.

Save with low transfer fees and no hidden costs

There are no hidden costs with Mama Money. All of our fees are shown upon order request and the recipient does not have to pay in Zimbabwe to collect the funds. And the great news is that we only charge 5% in fees instead of 10% like most sending institutions in South Africa. So, if you want to send R5000 home, you'll only pay R250 in fees instead of R500!

Why pay more for less when you can switch and save with Mama Money today?

Other incredible benefits include:

  • Speedy transfers - your loved ones can receive money instantly
  • The ability to send money to a loved one 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Simplicity – all you need is a smartphone to send money to Zimbabwe
  • Secure transfers – Mama Money guarantees the safety of your money
  • Your personal information will always remain confidential

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The Mama Money Card

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