Top 3 tips to save on back-to-school shopping

It's that time of year again when your kids are going back to school - meaning back-to-school shopping!


This is an exciting time as it is a new year and an adventure for many kids and students. However, it can also be a stressful time financially. This can be for many reasons, but the one we'd like to touch on is that sometimes the primary financial provider and children don't always live in the same city, town, or country, and getting money across can be stressful or time-consuming. 


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How to save money when doing back-to-school shopping


1. Buy what you need, not what you want. 

Only buy what you need. Many students and parents want to be organised before the school year begins by buying all supplies before the academic year begins. This may seem ideal, but it is not always affordable. Buy supplies your child will need for the first few weeks of school, and later buy the rest. This can include buying the books, notepads, and stationery needed and holding back on new school bags, stationery still in good use, and lunch boxes.

2. Buy or use previously owned.

It is not always necessary to buy brand-new supplies. Students from previous years often have textbooks in perfect condition, used gently, and probably won't be used or needed again. Therefore, it is worth borrowing previous students' books or purchasing them at a discounted price. The same goes for uniforms; children have growth spurts and grow out of their uniforms quickly; they are in perfect condition. 


3. Buy in bulk and buy generic brands

Students will go through supplies quickly, and you will feel like you are constantly replacing stationery. It is more affordable to buy the bulk of generic brands that are cheaper and serve the same purpose. It is always a good idea to purchase supplies that will last long. 


The bottom line

We are here to make life a bit easier;  you can use the Mama Money app to send money to your kids living in a different country to you. The app is a simple, reliable, and efficient way to transfer money internationally.


The recipient, whether a guardian or scholar, will be able to receive the money via cash pickups, bank collection and mobile wallet. 


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