Easiest way to send money to India

Whether you're sending money home to family and friends or simply transferring funds overseas, use Mama Money for the easiest way to send money to India.

Did you know there are many ways to send money to India while living abroad? One of the most difficult tasks may be finding the best payment option to do so.

If you’re looking for the best way to send money from South Africa to India, it’s important to be aware of the possible fees attached to the transfer and how to go about checking the exchange rates.


Our handy guide includes everything you need to know so you can feel confident when transferring funds to your loved ones in India.


Check the exchange rate against the Indian rupee

The currency market is constantly evolving and is often quite unpredictable. A great way to ensure you are transferring funds at a good rate is by monitoring the exchange rate. This way you can maximize the total amount of Indian rupees your loved ones will receive once the transfer is complete.


Useful tools to determine the exchange rate in India:

  • XE.comWe recommend visiting to view the latest currency exchange rates as they change daily. It also includes an exchange rate calculator for a majority of foreign currencies across the globe including India.
  • Yahoo FinanceThis portal is helpful if you’re looking to find out more about the latest financial news and also includes an exchange rate calculator.


Rate Tracker

A great way to try to maximize how much Indian rupees toy will receive for your transfer is to monitor the India exchange rate against your sending currency. The currency market is forever changing so a rate tracker is ideal as it can send you exchange rate alerts via email so you can keep track of the rate in real time.


Top tips to consider before completing a money transfer to India:

1. The speed of your transfer – Do you need the payment to reflect in a short amount of time? How soon do you need the funds to reach India? If speed is a priority you may need to pay additional fees for it to be completed in a short period of time.

2. Consider the exchange rate – As you know currencies are constantly changing and evolving. Unfortunately the exchange rate will not hold the same value each day. We recommend checking the exchange rate at the time of the transfer to see if it is in your favour?

3. Transaction fees – Are you paying high fees for completing your transaction? Is it the cheapest way to send money to India?

4. The payment process – How easy was the overall experience from start to finish when completing the payment to India? Did it involve an app or physically walking into a bank? Did you have to register a new account or wait for approval from your bank?


Is there a way to send money to India instantly?

Are you looking to send money home to a family member or friend that will reflect in their bank account instantly? For those of you looking to complete the process quickly, there are fast methods out there. This includes the likes of Mama Money, Xoom, Money Gram and even PayPal. The payments can be processed within a few short hours.


Is there a way to send money to India without having a bank account?

If you would like to send a payment to India without having a bank account it is possible to do so through PayPal and Xoom. The recipient of your funds will just need to register an account with either PayPal or Xoom. Once this step is complete they are able to store the funds without transferring it.


What is the easiest way to send money to India?

If you're living in South Africa and would like to send money to a loved one based in India, why not use MamaMoney for a truly affordable way to transfer your money abroad?

Our mobile app allows you to send a money transfer to India as well as over 50 countries worldwide.


How do I register an account with Mama Money?

You can register a new account by visiting your nearest Mama Money agent nationwide.

You are also able to register a new Mama Money account straight from your mobile phone by completing the simple steps below:

·         Step 1 - Download the Mama Money app on to your phone

·         Step 2 - Enter in a few personal details

·         Step 3 - Provide proof of your ID to verify your identity

·         Step 4 - Submit a photo of yourself


Once your documents have been submitted to us using the Mama Money App, your account will be verified within 24 hours and you can start sending money to your friends and family locally and abroad.


Other ways to send money to India include:

Personal checks

If you’re looking to explore another option when transferring funds to India, consider sending the money via a personal check.

This method has been proven to be fairly secure and for any checks that don’t reach their final destination they can be cancelled. On the downside the process is rather time-consuming as a result of the fraudulent check scamsThis is thanks to the lengthy process behind bank verification of any deposits made. It also includes an additional fee for exchanging the currency.




It offers a secure payment option  

Some banks located abroad do not accept foreign checks


Money transfers can be cancelled at any time


Exchange rates apply to this method of transfer and a fee could be charged to the recipient of the funds


All transactions are verified

As this method of transfer is fairly secure it may take additional time to process



You run a high risk of your personal check being lost or stolen in the mail during delivery



You will need to be wary of fraudulent check scams



Google Pay

Did you know it’s possible to transfer funds to a loved one in India using Google Pay? You will need to have a working internet connection in place, an Indian bank account and an Indian phone number.




Able to complete the transfer from the comfort of your own homeAn internet connection is required as well as an Indian bank account and Indian phone number
Google Pay focuses on customer safety and has great security measures in placeBe prepared for slow processing times when making a transfer
This method is great at detecting fraud and preventing online hacking from taking place 


An online bank account transfer (ACH Transfer)

ACH is short for Automated Clearing House, which is essentially a network that focuses on processing electronic payments and automated money transfers. This method enables the user to send money abroad without using paper checks or wire transfers. It also eliminates credit card networks and cash transfers. There is a risk attached to using this transfer method and as a result you will be limited to transferring small amounts only. Typically your funds will reach your recipient in India after 3-4 working days. One of the leading advantages of transferring funds to India through an online bank transfer is that there are limited to no bank charges involved.  




There are minimal bank charges involvedThere is risk involved
This method helps to save money and time

Users are sometimes limited to sending small amounts of money only


 Transfers typically take between 3-4 working days to reach the recipient


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