How to check exchange rates for India?

When you're dealing with different currencies from around the world, finding the best exchange rates are key.  With so many variables, how do you know which exchange rate is fair to ensure you receive the best possible deal out there?

Learn how to check exchange rates when looking to send money from South Africa to India.

Tips for checking the exchange rates:

  • Always familiarise yourself with the mid-market rate before you perform an exchange
  • Bear in mind the mid-market rate reflects the true exchange rate
  • Avoid converting your currency at airports or hotels as they include a higher mark-up with fees
  • Keep in mind that exchange rates change daily, sometimes up to multiple times in a single day

How to find the best exchange rate for Indian Rupees:

If you’re looking to travel to India on holiday or would like to send money home to an account in India, exchange rates matter, and we recommend doing your research first online to find the best possible rate.

We recommend researching the rate on Google as your first step to viewing the rate for the day. It’s helpful to use an exchange rate tracker to help issue alerts indicating the best time featuring the rate of the exchange.

There are times that the rates may fall and we advise you to wait if possible for a better time to exchange your money if you can. It’s important to always compare exchange rates before you buy as rates can vary from vendor to vendor.  We recommend comparing the exchange rates offered by at least three different vendors in order to find the best rate possible. Sites such as X-Rates and Exchange are great in that they feature exchange rates from India and a live currency converter page. The rates that are represented are updated every minute within the Forex market’s trading hours so you can view live updates throughout the day.

Is there an easy way to send money from South Africa to India?

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